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About Wuxi

Wuxi, Briefly known as Xi and situated along the corridor between rivers and lakes in the Yangtze River Delta, Wuxi is a famous "land of fish and rice" in China with a total area of 4787.61 square kilometers. Wuxi is the cradle of China's national industry and township industry. Its developed commerce has formed a strong radiating capacity in the country. With beautiful sceneries, Wuxi is one of the excellent tourism cities in China. Wuxi's well-formed basic education is the cradle for professors, academicians and university presidents. As the "Pearl of Taihu Lake", Wuxi is a renowned southern city with a history of three thousand years.
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GeographyWuxi is a city on the Yangtze River between Suzhou and Nanjing, which is located in the south of Jiangsu Province, half way between the cities of Shanghai and Nanjing, with Shanghai 128km to its east and Nanjing 183km to its west. In its south is Lake Taihu and to its north is Yangtze River. The city is under direct jurisdiction of the province and governs three cities and six districts. Wuxi administers 9 county-level divisions, including 7 districts and 2 county-level cities. Because of its recent development, Wuxi has been dubbed the "little Shanghai".

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